Restoring an old firearm is a meticulous and rewarding process that blends historical preservation with skilled craftsmanship.

 It begins with a comprehensive assessment to determine the firearm’s condition and the extent of wear or damage. Careful disassembly follows, where each part is cleaned to remove rust, dirt, and old lubricants, often using specialized solvents and tools to avoid further damage. Components are then inspected for structural integrity, with worn or damaged parts being repaired or replaced using period-appropriate materials and techniques.   

Before After

The woodwork, including the stock, may require refinishing, involving sanding, staining, and sealing to revive its original luster while respecting its age and patina.




Metal parts might undergo bluing or Parkerizing to restore their protective coatings and appearance.

Throughout the process, the goal is to maintain the firearm’s historical authenticity and functionality, ensuring it remains a safe, operable, and aesthetically pleasing piece of history.

Have An Old Firearm That Needs to be Restored?

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